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Cargo shipping to Philadelphia - Pennsylvania

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I must inquire into cargo shipping to Philadelphia - Pennsylvania, in the United States. If there is anyone reading this forum who may be able to provide this information, then please email this information to me as soon as possible. This cargo will be shipped from our facility here at Madrid, Spain. It is not a full trailer load, so it will likely be included in a larger shipment. This is acceptable to us, provided the cargo is delivered intact, on time, and undamaged.

The cases are stacked onto a total of 4 pallets. Each pallet has a different weight, but the total weight for the shipment is 649 kilograms. How much will you quote us as the shipping cost? The cargo is ready to ship at any moment, so as soon as your company can arrange for a pickup at our facility, it can be shipped. When will you deliver this cargo to Philadelphia? Do you include tracking information so that we may monitor the shipment's progress? Thanks for sending this shipping information and we will contact you after we have reviewed it.

Name: Gomez Abarca

Company: Riveros

Country: United States

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