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I am preparing a shipment at our facility here in Manchester, United Kingdom (UK), and need information about cargo shipping to New York - New York, in the United States. This shipment includes a machine that is packaged into a large crate. This crate is 152 cm in length, 91 cm wide, and 76 cm deep. The weight of this shipment after it has been fully prepared for loading is 343 kilograms.

It does not matter if this shipment is completed by air cargo or by ocean cargo. What does matter to us is that the shipment is delivered on time and within budget. It should also be delivered undamaged as well. Can your company complete this delivery under these terms? If so, then how much will you charge to complete this shipment? Do you also provide for a specific day and time of delivery?

In order to expedite my receipt of your responses to my inquiry, I have provided my contact information to this forum. This is the fastest method for me to receive it. Thank you for submitting this information as soon as possible.

Name: Wendell Plant

Company: Bartno Corp

Country: United States

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