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Cargo shipping to New Orleans - Louisana

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I am posting to your forum to request information about cargo shipping to New Orleans - Louisiana, in the United States. Our facility is located on the outskirts of Hanover, Germany, and is where this shipment will originate. By our estimates, this shipment requires a 48 ft container. At the time of pickup, please ensure the inside of the container is clean and is ready for loading. When is your company available to schedule a pickup? The shipment will be fully prepared by the middle of the coming week. Will your company be ready by that time?

What is your company's current rate structure? Will you include this with any information that you may contact us with? The gross weight of this shipment is 12 metric tonnes. Once you have picked up this cargo, when will you deliver it to New Orleans? Can you guarantee that? Will you also stand behind a promise that you will deliver this cargo in the same undamaged condition as it leaves our facility? Please contact us with this information as soon as possible so that we may finalize the shipping terms.

Name: Horst Stiffler

Company: Rosenwinkel Ind

Country: United States

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