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Telemarketing companies in Uruguay

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Good evening all. I am with A Second Ear Calling Company which is a high profile telemarketing company based out of Rocha, Uruguay. We are going to be moving offices to a larger location down in San Carlos in August and I would like to find a moving company that can help us with this move.

We are an office of twenty two right now and are going to be setting up to be an office of thirty five from the start. Hopefully this gives you an idea of the amount of desks, chairs, computers and such that we will need moved. I am happy to schedule a walk through with a representative of your company if you need or want that to make a more accurate quote.

We would appreciate it if you could include help with unpacking in your price quote as we would like to look into that service as well, assuming it does not raise the cost significantly. Thank you in advance for your help. Let me know if you have any questions before you bid. Cheers.

Name: Dawn Rogan

Company: A Second Ear Calling Company

Country: Uruguay

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