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Cargo shipping to Houston - Texas

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Hello my friends. I seek information about cargo shipping to Houston - Texas, in the United States. If you can do this from our facility at Shanghai, China, that will be most beneficial. This shipment will fill a semi-trailer, so if you can provide a container of at least 45 ft that will be sufficient. However, if you can provide one of 48 ft that will also be okay.

We have an order of merchandise that must be fulfilled to a customer there in Houston. Once the shipment is fully prepared for shipping, it will weigh 12 metric tonnes. How much money will you charge us to complete this shipment through your company? The shipment will be ready for loading into your container by the first of next week. Can your company provide a pickup at that time? Also, when will you expect to complete this delivery to Houston?

By sending your company's information to the provided email address it will ensure that we will receive it right away. We appreciate your prompt attention to this request and we thank you for sending it.

Name: Bourey Zhou

Company: Huang Import/Export

Country: United States

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