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Cargo shipping to Fort Lauderdale - Florida

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Thank you for coming. I am preparing a shipment at our warehouse here in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I need information about cargo shipping to Fort Lauderdale - Florida, in the United States. If you have access to this information, or if your company processes such shipments, then I ask you to please send me information about shipments between these two locations.

This shipment will use the space in a 45 ft trailer, or container. So if you can dispatch this equipment to our warehouse by the end of next week, that will fit our shipping schedules precisely. We have products that are to be loaded onto pallets and prepared for shipping. After loading, each skid will have the weight of 16 metric tons. Do you have a shipping rate for this type of shipment? Then what will be your cost to us for shipping this cargo with your company? How long will it take for you to deliver this shipment to its destination?

I am afraid that I have many questions, so I have included my own email address with this forum for you to send your information. Thank you for sending it.

Name: Rolando Miranda

Company: Yualendez Packaging

Country: United States

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