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Cargo shipping to Detroit - Michigan

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My employer has assigned me the task of obtaining current information about cargo shipping to Detroit - Michigan. This shipment is a load of car parts that will originate at our factory near to Mexico City, Mexico. This is the first shipment that is scheduled to be the first of many, so we would like to establish a working relationship with multiple companies. So please do not hesitate to send your company's shipping information by thinking there is only one shipment to complete.

The shipment will be sufficient for a 45 ft or a 48 ft semi-trailer. Whether you arrange for this shipment to be delivered solely by road freight, or if you wish to include it on a rail car, that choice is at your discretion. However, what we are most concerned with is that each shipment is delivered on time and without any damages occurring. Can you guarantee an on time delivery and with no damages?

Please include in your information kit your current rates and your complete payment and shipping terms so that we may have the opportunity to review them before we contact you. Thank you for sending this.

Name: Kris Periwinkle

Company: Hunsquez

Country: United States

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