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Cargo shipping to Chicago - Illinois

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I have the need to ship some furniture from our warehouse that is located just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. The destination is Chicago, Illinois. So I have posted a request for information to your forum in hopes of acquiring information about cargo shipping to Chicago - Illinois.

This shipment is less than truckload (LTL), and will consists of 7 boxes of different types of furniture. The furniture is packaged and prepared for shipment. However, I would like to ask what assurances you will provide that this shipment will arrive at its destination undamaged. Is your company available for a pickup at our warehouse by the beginning of next week? If so, when can we expect the cargo to be delivered to Chicago? Can you guarantee that delivery time?

Please include your company's direct contact information as well, as we may have further questions after we have had the opportunity to review the information you email us. Thank you for your time in responding to this inquiry. Please send it as soon as possible.

Name: Jerry Miller

Company: Miller Building Supplies

Country: United States

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