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Cargo shipping to Atlanta - Georgia

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Might there be a company that can complete cargo shipping to Atlanta - Georgia? I have a shipment of wine to ship from our warehouse that is located near to Nice, France. This is a full shipment, that will require the use of a 45 ft container. This container should also have a refrigeration unit since the wine must be maintained at a consistent temperature throughout. We also will like your assurances that you will closely monitor the temperature in the event the refrigeration unit may malfunction. If it should malfunction, do you have the means for a backup refrigeration method?

The gross weight of this shipment is 18 metric tonnes. How soon can your company arrange for a pickup at our warehouse? The shipment is ready as soon as you can pick it up. How much do you estimate our cost to ship with your company? Do you have any guarantees that the cargo will arrive at its destination undamaged? Also, please include your company's payment terms with any information that you send. Thank you for including this to our provided email account.

Name: Adam Cardell

Company: Genradeau

Country: United States

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