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Cargo shipping to Manchester

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This forum seems like the right place for me to ask for information about cargo shipping to Manchester, United Kingdom (UK). My company makes plastic bottles and I have an order that I must ship to a customer who is located at Manchester. This shipment will originate at my warehouse located just outside of Columbus, Ohio, in the United States. So I need information about shipping between the two locations.

This may be considered as a truckload shipment, as it will require a 48 ft trailer, or container if you will. The gross weight is 13, 473 pounds. The shipment is ready for loading, so I must ask how soon your company can schedule a pickup at my warehouse? Can you possibly pick this up by the middle of next week? How soon can you deliver this to Manchester?

You quite possibly have a standard information packet that you send out, so please include that as well as your response to my questions here. Thanks for sending this to the email address I have included with this post.

Name: Felix McGhee

Company: McGhee Plastics

Country: United Kingdom (UK)

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