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Cargo shipping to London

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I seek the guidance of a company experienced in cargo shipping to London, United Kingdom (UK). This shipment of textiles will be shipping from our warehouse near to Cape Town, South Africa. This shipment will likely require a 45 ft container, so if you have one available in this area, that will be perfect. The gross weight of this shipment is 16 metric tonnes. I have included this weight in anticipation that you will be able to provide me with a quotation as to our cost of shipping with your company.

We are quite willing to accept an empty container from your company should you wish to drop one off at our facility a couple of days before the scheduled pickup. Actually, that could work out to our mutual benefit as we could take a little extra care in securing the load, and your driver would not have to wait for us to load the container.

Please include as much information as you can as this will assist us in our planning for this shipment. Thank you for sending this information as soon as possible.

Name: Peter Meinaki

Company: Winsorien

Country: United Kingdom (UK)

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