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If there is anyone who can provide me with relevant information about cargo shipping to Liverpool, United Kingdom (UK), I ask you to send it to my provided email address. This will be greatly appreciated. I am shipping two crates from our warehouse here in Moscow, Russia. Each crate contains many individual packages. These individual packages contain one bottle of vodka each. We are shipping these in crates as a test to verify if the product will be better protected during shipping.

Each crate weighs 108 kilograms. This makes the total weight for this shipment 216 kilograms. The dimensions of each crate are slightly more than 1.2 meters in length, slightly over 91 cm wide, and nearly 61 cm in depth. Would you have an estimate as to how much these crates will cost us to ship them with your company? Since the shipment consists of glass bottles, how will you protect them from breakage? Do you guarantee there will be no damages that will occur while the shipment is in your care?

Thanks for sending this information to my email address.

Name: Simon Povanovich

Company: Belize

Country: United Kingdom (UK)

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