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Cargo shipping to Dubai

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I am in preparation for a shipment that will originate at our warehouse located on the outskirts of Paris, France. The information I have posted here to request is about cargo shipping to Dubai. So if there is the representative of a company that processes shipping between Paris and Dubai, I ask that you send your company's shipping information to my email address as soon as possible.

The cargo consists of 8 pallets of textiles. Each pallet is prepared for shipping and the gross weight is 968 kilograms. When can your company schedule a pickup appointment at our facility? Could you provide an estimate of your shipping charges for delivering this shipment? What will be your transportation mode of choice that you will use for this shipment? When you send your shipping information, please include a person of contact, for we will need to send you customs documents before the scheduled pickup. Thank you for sending this information.

Name: Arvin Manheimer

Company: Imadoteau Inc.

Country: United Arab Emirates

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