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Cargo shipping to Christchurch

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Does anyone browsing this forum have information about cargo shipping to Christchurch, New Zealand? I am especially interested in hearing from you if you can also arrange a pickup at our warehouse here in Kansas City, Missouri, in the United States. How soon can you schedule a pickup?

The shipment consists of 10 pallets of cookware. The shipment is prepared for shipping. Although each pallet has a different weight, the total weight for this shipment is 1705 pounds. Would you be able to provide a cost estimate for this shipment? Could you also provide an estimated time to delivery? While nothing in this shipment is considered as being fragile, we would like your assurances that everything will be delivered undamaged. We can also fax you the customs documents for you to review as well.

We appreciate your sending your shipping information as soon as possible as the shipment is ready to be shipped. Thanks.

Name: Barry Schwartz

Company: Barnone

Country: New Zealand

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