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Cargo shipping to Auckland

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The inquiry I have posted here to make is regarding cargo shipping to Auckland. I am preparing to ship several cases of merchandise from my warehouse here in Hong Kong. Therefore, I need information from a company that has a presence here in Hong Kong and can pickup my shipment, as well as having the capability to deliver it to Auckland, New Zealand.

The total case count is 9 cases. Each case has the same dimensions, which are 1.25 meter in length, 610 mm wide, and 457 mm deep. Each case also weighs slightly less than 12 kilos. The shipment is ready to ship, so I must ask how soon you can schedule a pickup? Please contact me for directions to my facility as well as for any further details regarding this shipment. I would also ask that you send me your standard shipping information as well as your response to a couple of questions.

When can you deliver these cases to Auckland? Can you guarantee it? Will you deliver this shipment only to the consignee and to no one else? If you offer this service, I would like to add restricted delivery. Thanks for supplying me with your information.

Name: Harry Huang

Company: Huang Import/Export

Country: New Zealand

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