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Cargo shipping to Rotterdam

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I am finalizing an order and I need information about cargo shipping to Rotterdam. The order will be shipped from our facility here in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. It will be delivered to our customer's facility at Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We expect to have this order completed and ready for your company to pickup by the end of next week. Can your company schedule a pickup by then?

This shipment will require a 48 ft container, as the merchandise is light in weight but plentiful in volume. We also do not require transportation in a temperature controlled container. So a dry container will be sufficient. The gross weight of this shipment will be 11,493 pounds. Could you send me an estimate as to how much you will charge to deliver this shipment? Would you also include an estimate of when you will deliver it? With your information packet that you will send, please include your claims policy and any shipping terms that you may have for us to review. Thanks for sending this information to our email address.

Name: Bonnie Graham

Company: Bonjoyl Merchandisers

Country: Netherlands

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