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Cargo shipping to Amsterdam

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I need information about cargo shipping to Amsterdam. Does your company offer cargo shipping services that originate from Dublin, Ireland? I have 4 cases of lamps to ship from my shop. Does your company offer pickup service, or would I have to take these 4 cases to your local shipping office?

Each case weighs less than 6 kilos. However, I do have two different sizes of cases to ship. Two of the cases are 914 mm long, 457 mm wide and 254 mm deep. The other two cases are 1219 mm long, 762 mm wide, and 305 mm deep. Is it too soon for you to provide me with an estimated cost of my shipping these 4 cases with your company? Would you have an estimate as to how long it will take you to deliver these cases to Amsterdam? Our customer has requested delivery by the end of the coming week. Is your company able to complete the delivery by that time? Thanks for sending me your company's shipping information. I look forward to reviewing it.

Name: Gentry O'Malley

Company: Pontry

Country: Netherlands

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