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Cargo shipping to Munich

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Thank you for reading and responding to my inquiry about cargo shipping to Munich, Germany. This shipment is ready for loading onto your pickup truck at our facility here in Hong Kong. It includes 29 cases of merchandise that we have already packaged. However, I should add that these cases are not palletized. They are loose cases, so there are 29 individual cases to ship. Will that present you with any problems?

Each case weighs slightly less than 8 kilograms. This weight includes the protective packaging as well. Each case is the same size as the others, and the dimensions are 762 mm in length by 457 mm wide and 305 mm deep. Could you provide an estimate as to how much you will charge us to ship these 29 cases with your company? The shipment is ready for pickup. How soon can you schedule a pickup? Also, what is your estimated to to delivery at Munich? Please email me your response to my inquiry as well as the rest of your shipping information. Thank you for sending this to me.

Name: Peter Chang

Company: Ertis Merchandising

Country: Germany

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