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Cargo shipping to Hamburg

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Hello. I need to information about cargo shipping to Hamburg, Germany since my usual delivery company is not available for a couple of days. I am shipping from Nice, France, so if your company can provide a pickup service to my location that is what I will need. I have to ship 15 cases of wine to a customer in Hamburg. Each case is already packaged and is ready for shipment. How soon can you schedule a pickup at my shop?

Do you have an estimate you could provide me with how much you will charge to ship these 15 cases of wine with your company? I am also concerned with this wine being delivered to my customer undamaged. Can your company provide any assurances that no bottle will be broken or damaged during shipping? The email address I have included here is my own so there will be no delays in my receiving this information from you. Thank you for sending it me promptly.

Name: Brian Johnson

Company: Treleme

Country: Germany

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