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Cargo shipping to Frankfurt

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I am preparing a shipment of over the counter medicines and I need information about cargo shipping to Frankfurt, Germany. The shipment is being prepared and I would like to connect with a shipping and logistics company who can complete this delivery on time and without damage. The point of origin is Orlando, Florida, in the United States. Unless there is a reasonable expectation of the cargo being subjected to extreme temperature changes, I do not anticipate the need for a temperature controlled container or environment. Therefore, a dry container should suffice.

I expect this shipment to require a 48 ft container. I suggest a container due to the ability to seal it, which is something we are unable to do with air cargo due to this being a truckload shipment. The shipment's tare weight is 23,945 pounds, and the gross weight after we secure the load will be 24, 217 pounds. What is your estimated cost for us to ship with your company?

The shipment will be finalized by the end of next week, so if your company can schedule a pickup soon thereafter, that will work out great. Thank you for sending your information.

Name: Hector Valasquez

Company: Novipral

Country: Germany

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