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Cargo shipping to Berlin

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Greetings. I need to send a shipment by way of cargo shipping to Berlin. If there are any company representatives who read this forum, then please send me your company's cargo shipping information as soon as possible. This shipment consists of 3 pallets of materials that my employer is shipping from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Does your company provide cargo shipping services between Montreal and Berlin, Germany?

It makes little difference to use if your company uses container shipping or air cargo shipping. Our primary considerations are can your company deliver this shipment on time, without damage, and in both efficient and economical fashion. Can your company provide these levels of service? When you send your company's shipping information, please include your current rates, time to deliver, claims, and shipping terms. I have included my direct contact information so there will be no delays in our establishing contact.

This cargo must be shipped within the next few days, so please send this information as soon as possible. Thank you for your time in doing sending it to us.

Name: Jake Trebinou

Company: Bismarcohm

Country: Germany

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