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Cargo shipping to Vancouver

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If there is a company that reads the comments in this forum who handles cargo shipping to Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada, then please send me your company's shipping information. The point of origin for this shipment is Sydney, Australia. So yes, there is a vast distance this shipment must traverse. Can you deliver this cargo on time and without damage?

This shipment is sufficient to fill a 45 ft container. Would it be more efficient if you were to drop an empty a day before the scheduled pickup? Or would you prefer to have us live load the container with your driver present? How soon can you schedule a pickup? Once you have the cargo, how long will it take you to deliver it to Vancouver? Do you have a current rate sheet so that we may learn what you will charge us to ship with your company? Please contact us directly through this provided contact as this will expedite our receipt. Thanks.

Name: Jacob Balimer

Company: Bartno

Country: Canada

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