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Cargo shipping to Montreal

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Hello. I need information about cargo shipping to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The point of origin for this shipment is London, United Kingdom (UK). We are in the final stages of assembly and this shipment should be ready for pickup within the next week. Can your company schedule a pickup for then? Once fully prepared, this shipment will consist of 3 crates. These crates are about 1.5 meters in length, by 1 meter in both width and depth. Each crate will weigh less than 57 kilograms. Therefore, the total weight of this shipment will be 171 kilograms.

Although we will leave the best mode of transportation up to your company, our customer in Montreal requests the shipment be delivered in less than one week from the time of shipment. Can your company meet their requested delivery schedule? Can you guarantee you will meet it? Given the specifications of this shipment, what is your estimate as to the total cost?

Please feel free to contact me directly with your company's shipping information and please include your company's contact information as well. We may have further questions. Thank you.

Name: Freda Smithers

Company: Cyien

Country: Canada

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