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Cargo shipping to Sydney

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Hello mates. I am here to ask for information about cargo shipping to Sydney. If you can also provide information about shipping to Sydney from Perth, that will be great. I have a shipment of merchandise that I need picked up from our warehouse. This shipment makes up a full truckload, so I think the best transportation mode will be with a freight truck. If you have a more efficient and economical transportation mode, then I am open to discuss it with you.

The shipment weighs just under 7.5 metric tonnes. We will also have the shipment packaged, palletized, and ready for pickup. Do you require an advanced notice before you can schedule a pickup? What is your time to deliver estimate for completing this delivery? Do you offer a guaranteed delivery day and / or time? Do you offer a damage free delivery guarantee? Please send me your information direct to my contact information as soon as possible. Thanks and please also include your company's direct contact information in case we have further questions about shipping with your company.

Name: Olivia Warren

Company: Lucas Merchandise

Country: Australia

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