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Moving companies to Palm Beach - Florida

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Thanks to a new job, I am making plans to move from my current residence at San Francisco, California. This will be a long distance move, which means I must seek the advice of moving companies to Palm Beach - Florida. Does your company have the resources that will permit you to complete this move from the beginning until it is completed?

I am moving from a two bedroom apartment that is in a two story building. The building also sits on a steep hill. I hope this does not cause you any problems, but I also have a standard sized piano that is on the second floor of my apartment. Do you charge extra to move a piano? Will you have a representative of your company visit my apartment in order to provide an estimate of how much you will charge me for this move?

When will you be able to start work on this move, and how long will it take you to complete this move? Thank you greatly for providing me with this information.

Name: Peter Jackson

Country: United States

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