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Cargo shipping to Canberra

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Hello to all. I need information about cargo shipping to Canberra, Australia. If your company provides shipping services between London, United Kingdom (UK) and Australia, then please contact me directly as soon as possible. I am arranging a shipment to be delivered to a customer in Canberra. This shipment will be ready to ship within the next 4 to 5 days. If your company can schedule a pickup once it is ready, that will be great.

This shipment consists of several cases. These cases will fill 7 pallets and will weigh a total of 1.25 metric tonnes. So they are not that heavy. How does your company base its rates? Do you charge by the pallet, by weight, or by some other metric? How soon can you complete this delivery to Canberra? Should the shipment be damaged during transit, what is your claims procedures? Do you offer any guarantees as to day and / or time of delivery? Thanks for sending me your company's information. Please contact me directly.

Name: Robin McFarland

Company: Psydent

Country: Australia

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