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Cargo shipping to Perth

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I have posted to this forum to ask for information about cargo shipping to Perth, Australia. The point of origin for this shipment is London, United Kingdom (UK). Therefore, if your company regularly ships between these two points, please send me your company's shipping information.

We are preparing a shipment of plant food products, which will be ready to ship within two weeks. Will your company be available for pickup by then? How much of a notice do you require before scheduling a pickup? The shipment will be a truckload, and will weigh just over 19 metric tonnes. Can you provide an estimated cost for shipping this load? Since this will be a truckload shipment, would you use a containerized shipment, or would you use the air cargo system? Whichever transportation mode is the most efficient and economical is fine with us. We simply want the cargo to arrive at our customer's location on time and undamaged. Can your company complete the delivery under those terms? We will watch for your responses to our inquiry. Thank you for sending it.

Name: Jennifer Barclay

Company: Bezin

Country: Australia

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