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Air Cargo shipping to Venezuela

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I need information about air cargo shipping to Venezuela. If your company ships from Miami, Florida, in the United States, that will be most beneficial as this is where we are shipping these 2 pallets of packing materials from. The two pallets are ready for your company to pickup. The total weight of this shipment is 900 pounds. How soon can you schedule a pickup? Do you add any surcharges for smaller shipments? Do you have an estimated time to deliver?

When you send your information, please include how much you charge for shipping. Please also include your standard shipping terms that include claims, delivery routes, and so forth. Will your company be the only company handling this shipment from pickup to delivery? How much is your fuel surcharge that is typically added to the freight bill? Does your company provide tracking information? Our customer in Venezuela has requested consistent updates, is why I asked. Please respond to this inquiry as soon as possible. Thanks.

Name: Henry Portman

Company: Enrhardline

Country: Venezuela

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