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Air Cargo shipping to Malaysia

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My boss has asked me to arrange a shipment for a new customer. Since there are only three pallets of products to ship to this customer, I am seeking information about air cargo shipping to Malaysia. We normally ship most every shipment in a container, but like I said, this is a small shipment. If your company handles less than truckload shipments via air cargo, then please send me your shipping information as soon as possible.

If possible, we want to ship this by the end of next week at the latest. Can your company make such short shipping arrangements? When can you schedule a pickup? For that matter, how soon can you complete this delivery? We would like to track this shipment. Do you offer tracking services? Can your company also provide on time delivery guarantees? Our customer has requested delivery within one week of the time the shipment is picked up. Can your company honor that request? Would you also mind sending me your current shipping rates and delivery routes? Thanks a lot. You are a big help for sending me this information.

Name: Lloyd Frazier

Company: Promaide Inc.

Country: Malaysia

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