Containerized Ocean Cargo shipping to Luxembourg
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Containerized Ocean Cargo shipping to Luxembourg

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Hello. Are there any companies who can provide me with information about containerized ocean cargo shipping to Luxembourg? Although I realize that Luxembourg is landlocked and does not have any sea ports, the majority of this shipment will still need to traverse by an ocean going vessel.

The shipment will originate from our warehouse located outside of New Haven, Connecticut, in the United States. We would like to schedule a pickup appointment with your company within the next two weeks. Will that be possible? Once you have picked up the shipment, how soon can you deliver it to Luxembourg? Do you have a tracking system so we can monitor the shipment's progress? Our customer requests regular updates, which is why I have asked. Is there an additional charge for this tracking service? When you contact us, please send a copy of your most current rates and shipping terms. Please also include your delivery routes. Thank you.

Name: Bobby Hamel

Company: Muin Cargo Shipping

Country: Luxembourg

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