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Air Cargo shipping to Thailand

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I am here to ask for information about air cargo shipping to Thailand. Since the shipment originates at Auckland, New Zealand, it would be great if your company can also include information on how it is best to do that from here. We have 3 crates of photography equipment that must be in Bangkok by the end of next week. Can your company deliver these crates by then?

The photography equipment is already packaged in the crates and is ready for your company to pickup. How soon can your company schedule a pickup at our facility? We have taken great care in packing these crates. Can your company guarantee this equipment will arrive at Bangkok undamaged? If there is any damage during shipping, does your company provide restitution? Does your company offer additional insurance that covers the portion of the equipment's value that your claims procedure may not cover? What are your current shipping rates for this kind of shipment?

I have included my direct email address. This will eliminate any unnecessary delays by misdirected emails. Thank you for your prompt attention to this request.

Name: Bien Motleg

Company: Photro

Country: Thailand

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