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Wine Cargo shipping to Macedonia

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My company has a shipment of wine that we are preparing for shipment. Therefore, I am here to request information about wine cargo shipping to Macedonia. If your company has this expertise, then please send your company's shipping information to my email address.

The shipment includes 50 cases of prepackaged wine. Each wine bottle is packaged in such a way so as not to touch the bottle that is adjacent. This decreases the potential of damage. Does your company offer any assurances this wine will arrive at its destination undamaged? Can you deliver this shipment from Nice, France, to Macedonia by the end of next week? What guarantees can you offer that can assure us that you will? Does your company have an established rate sheet that lists your shipping charges? How soon can you arrange to pickup this shipment of wine at our facility?

Please also include with the information you will email, any additional shipping terms that we should read before we commit to shipping with your company. Thank you.

Name: Mike Bodonham

Company: Le Phonadue

Country: Macedonia

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