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Air Cargo shipping to Pakistan

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I represent a company that is located just outside of Paris, France. I need information about air cargo shipping to Pakistan. Does your company maintain such a route? Can you provide me with your company's shipping schedules? Do you have published rates that you can submit to me? I apologize for so many questions. I just want to be sure everything will go well when this is shipped. Can you deliver this by the end of next week? How soon can you schedule a pickup at our warehouse?

This shipment only consists of one crate that is 2400 mm on all four sides. It weighs 114 kilos. Do you have an on time guarantee? Do you also have an undamaged on arrival guarantee as well? How will you protect this cargo during shipping? How will you deliver it once it has arrived at Pakistan? I ask because there are many kilometers between the nearest airport and the customer.

Thank you greatly for sending this information to my email address. That will assure that I receive it and it is not lost.

Name: Ysef Ramindi

Company: Oslonahm

Country: Pakistan

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