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Air Cargo shipping to Malta

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Hello and thank you for both reading my request for information and for sending it to my email address. I need information about air cargo shipping to Malta. It would be helpful if you are also familiar with air cargo shipping to Malta from the United States. The cargo shipment will originate just outside of Baltimore, Maryland. Therefore, if your company has a drop off location near to me that will work out great.

The cargo is already loaded onto 3 pallets. These 3 pallets are bundled and shrink wrapped so there should be no movement of the cargo during shipping. Each pallet weighs 137 pounds. How does your company charge? Do you charge by the weight, or by the quantity, or by some other method? Do you also offer guarantees there will be no damage to the cargo during shipping? If there is damages, what are your claims procedures? How soon can our customer expect delivery at Malta once you have picked up this cargo? Do you offer a tracking service? Please send this information to my included email address. Thanks.

Name: Wernart Rodriquez

Company: Bonjoyl

Country: Malta

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