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Expedited Cargo shipping to Liechtenstein

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Hello and thank you for responding to my inquiry. My company has the need to complete a shipment to a new customer. Does your company offer expedited cargo shipping to Liechtenstein? Can you also guarantee this cargo will be delivered by the end of next week? We are shipping this cargo from Dublin, Ireland, so the distance is not that great.

The customer has stated they do need this shipment soon, which is why we have requested expedited services. How quickly can you complete this delivery? Are your shipping costs reasonable? How much are your shipping charges? How will you transport this cargo? That decision is left up to your experience and available resources. I just wanted to inquire is all. The shipment includes 27 cases of animal food, so there is nothing hazardous or breakable. However, we would like to have this cargo arrive at our customer undamaged. Can you provide a pickup for this shipment at our facility just outside of London, United Kingdom (UK)?

Please send this information to our email address. Thank you.

Company: Novipral

Country: Liechtenstein

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