International Cargo shipping to Bolivia
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International Cargo shipping to Bolivia

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International cargo shipping to Bolivia is why I have posted to your forum. I seek the services of a company who can deliver this shipment both on time and in an undamaged condition. If you are capable of doing this task, then please send information to my email address.

With your information, please include when you will deliver this cargo to Bolivia. How much will you charge for this cargo delivery? The cargo is ready for shipment. Can you arrange to pickup this cargo at our warehouse in Vermont, in the United States? Does your company include some form of electronic tracking for this shipment? If so, do you provide a tracking number that we can enter into your online tracking software such as what is available over the Internet? Please also include whether you can deliver this cargo undamaged.

We look forward to receiving your information. The email address provided here is my direct address. Therefore, I will be the person who will receive this info. Thanks.

Company: Bismarcohm

Country: Bolivia

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