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International Cargo shipping to Haiti

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Hello. I need information about international cargo shipping to Haiti. Since I will be shipping from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, I would appreciate it if you could also include your shipping information from here.

My company is preparing a shipment of medical supplies to Haiti, and we are completing the preparations as of this writing. However, we have never shipped anything to Haiti before, so we require the expertise of your company. Is it possible for you to send your shipping information directly to my email address? I will need to know your current rates. I will also need to know when you can deliver this shipment to Haiti. Can your delivery be within two weeks time?

When can your company schedule for a pickup at our warehouse? We do not require a full container as the entire shipment is only 10 full pallets. Is this acceptable to your shipping terms? Thanks for sending this information to my email address. It will be of great help to us as we complete our planning for this shipment.

Company: Slovim

Country: Haiti

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