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Container Cargo shipping to Paraguay

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My company is preparing a shipment of towels that will be destined to Paraguay. This will be a full container load of towels and since we have never shipped to this country before, I have posted a few of my questions as well as a request for additional information to those companies who have experience with container cargo shipping to Paraguay.

We do have experience in preparing our goods for shipment, but we want to know if there is anything we should do differently due to the distance involved. The shipment will originate from just outside of Savannah, Georgia, in the United States. Does your company provide pickup service at our warehouse? If so, then how much notice do you require before scheduling a pickup? Would you mind emailing me a copy of your current rates as well as your normal shipping routes? How soon can you deliver this shipment to its final destination?

As you can surmise, we have several questions and we are looking forward to working with your company to complete this shipment in a safe and timely manner. Thank you.

Company: Genrad

Country: Paraguay

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