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International Cargo shipping to Panama

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My company has asked me to seek information about international cargo shipping to Panama. This forum seems to have many helpful companies, so I will post my request here. We are completing an order of sandals that have been ordered by a company located in Panama City, Panama. The order will be completed by this time next week, and we would like to have the necessary shipping arrangements in place so the order will be on its way to our customer.

There are a few things that we would like to ask of prospective shipping companies. How far in advance to you require notice when scheduling a pickup? Do you have a current rate sheet that you can send us? What are your delivery schedules for these kinds of shipments? Do you offer damage protection in the form of guaranteeing your services? Do you have a claims policy that you can send us? What other terms do you require for your shipping services?

Please also include a direct contact person so that we may further discuss this shipment. Thank you.

Company: Bonjoyl

Country: Panama

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