Expedited Cargo shipping to Latvia
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Expedited Cargo shipping to Latvia

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Greetings to all. I came here to ask for information about expedited cargo shipping to Latvia. If you can include information on how to do this from Canada, that would help me out a lot as I am shipping this from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The cargo consists of 25 computer cabinets that have already been packaged and prepared for shipment by our company's employees. What we need at this point is to connect with a reliable shipping company who can deliver these cabinets by the end of next week. Of course, they should also be delivered undamaged. Can your company guarantee both the on time delivery and the shipment's delivery undamaged? If so, that will go a long way toward narrowing our search for a shipping company.

Since we have posted here to request information, we thought it only fair for us to include our direct email address. This allows for the info you send to be received directly by the person who is coordinating this shipment.

Company: Slovim

Country: Latvia

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