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Electronics Cargo shipping to Singapore

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My company must arrange for electronics cargo shipping to Singapore and we require the services of a company that is experienced with this. This is a small cargo shipment, but it is an important matter for our small company as this could be the first of many shipments to this customer. This is but one of the reasons why we want this shipment to be delivered as soon as possible and in an undamaged condition. Can your company complete this delivery on time and with the cargo undamaged?

How much would you charge to complete this delivery? Can you complete this delivery within three weeks? What is your damaged goods policy? If the cargo is damaged during transit, do you make good on it? Can you also provide packing advise for our shipment?

The email address I have included is closely monitored and someone within our company who has this responsibility will review it. Thank you for responding to this inquiry.

Company: Imadot

Country: Singapore

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