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International Cargo shipping to Guinea

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My company seeks the services of another company who is specialized with international cargo shipping to Guinea. We are arranging a shipment for one of our customers and Guinea is an area that we have no experience in shipping. Therefore, we request information about this be sent to our email address that we have included here.

The shipment consists of 6 pallets of sandals that are manufactured in the Philippines. The shipment is ready for pickup at our customer's facility just outside of Manila. Can your company arrange for this cargo to be shipped to Guinea? If so, then can you also provide an approximate cost? Can you guarantee the shipment will arrive at its final destination undamaged? This is a very small company that is unable to absorb great losses, so your assurances of an undamaged delivery are highly regarded.

Thank you for supplying us with this information. It will also be saved for our future reference in further dealings with your company as well.

Company: Bismarcohm

Country: Guinea

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