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International Cargo shipping to Guam (US)

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My company is in the process of completing an order of mounting hardware. You know, screws, nuts, bolts, and things of that nature. Once we have completed the manufacture of this hardware, we will need to send the shipment by international cargo shipping to Guam (US) to arrive by the end of this month. Therefore, we have posted here in search of a company who is capable of completing this shipment.

The shipment will total 5 large and heavy cases. The dimensions of each case will be 4 ft by 3 ft by 1 ft and each case will weigh 55 pounds. The total weight of this shipment will total 275 pounds. We package and prepare the cargo for shipment and we ensure the packaging is capable of handling the load. How much advance notice does your company require when scheduling a pickup at our warehouse? With your information packet please also email us your current pricing as well as your current delivery schedules.

Thank you.

Company: Enrhardline

Country: Guam (US)

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