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International Cargo shipping to Egypt

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My boss has tasked me with obtaining information about international cargo shipping to Egypt. Our company is located just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States. Although we have sent shipments to Cairo, Egypt, in the past, we realize that due to current events that some of the policies and procedures may have changed. Therefore, we seek the advise of others who are more current in their cargo shipping to Egypt.

Can you provide the current rules, policies, and procedures to ship cargo to Egypt? Can you also include a current listing of taxes, fees, duties, and any other potential costs that may be incurred on inbound shipments to Egypt? Are there any new packaging requirements that have been imposed? Are there any potential holds that can be placed on these shipments? Has Egypt added any restrictions on certain products that can be shipped into the country?

As you can see, I have many questions about if anything has changed on shipping to Egypt and I want to ensure that we follow the policies. Thank you for responding to my inquiry.

Company: Beelzsur

Country: Egypt

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