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International Cargo shipping to Costa Rica

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My company seeks to learn more about international cargo shipping to Costa Rica. Our need for this information is due to our receipt of a fairly large order from a new customer located at San Jose, Costa Rica. This order consists of outdoor equipment such as hoes and shovels. They want this order delivered by the end of this month. Can your company deliver this order before the end of this month? We want it delivered sooner due to the fact that it is a new customer and we want them to be satisfied. I'm sure you understand about that.

The shipment will contain four pallets of this equipment and it will already be packaged, palletized, and ready for shipment. Can your company provide pickup service at our facility at Kansas City, Missouri, in the United States? How much advance notice do you require before a pickup is scheduled? Does your company provide any guarantees the shipment will arrive on time and undamaged?

I have included my direct email address so all of your correspondence will be received by me. I appreciate your prompt response to my inquiry. Thank you.

Company: Treleme

Country: Costa Rica

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