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International Cargo shipping to Argentina

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My company is seeking to retain the services of a company that is experienced in international cargo shipping to Argentina. We must ship a small pallet of goods from Madrid, Spain, to Buenos Aires, Argentina. These goods are non-perishable. This shipment is also not time-sensitive, so we can accept shipping terms by either ocean vessel, or by air cargo. Therefore, whichever transportation mode your company is capable, that will be acceptable to us.

Please include with your introductory email, your current shipping rates as well as your delivery routes as they pertain to our shipping origin and destination. We plan to ship this by the end of next week, so if your company can pickup and complete this delivery according to our needs, then we would like to communicate with you as soon as possible.

The email address included with this post is our direct contact email, so you will know your response will be received. Thank you for your replies.

Company: Butio

Country: Argentina

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