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International Cargo shipping to Hong Kong

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I must inquire into international cargo shipping to Hong Kong. This shipment will originate from Tokyo, Japan, and will be ready for shipment within three weeks. This is a load of seafood that must be delivered on time and without hesitation. We must also ask for your guarantee that this shipment will not be delayed and will arrive undamaged and unspoiled at its destination. This load must also be temperature controlled for the duration of the journey. We also require tracking information to be provided for this shipment.

Please include the information we have already requested plus include your pricing scheme and the amount of time necessary for you to complete the delivery of this shipment. Our email address is contained with this inquiry, so please use it when sending us your information.

Thank you for replying to our inquiry. The load will be ready for shipment within two weeks, so please be prompt with your replies.

Company: Hyiet Byon

Country: Hong Kong

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