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International Cargo shipping to Estonia

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If your company handles international cargo shipping to Estonia, then please email me with your shipping information as soon as possible. My company is planning to ship a load of fruit from the Middle East to Estonia on or about the fifteenth of each month beginning next month. This fruit will also require temperature control, so please include any additional pricing in your information packet as well.

The fruit will weigh about 20 tons, and will be prepackaged and ready for your truck to pickup. How soon in advance to you require notice of shipment availability? Can you provide a truck for pickup each month? How would you transport and deliver our cargo? This will also be a time-sensitive shipment as well. This is due to the perishable nature of the cargo.

Please send as soon as possible a copy of your current rate schedule, as well as your transport and delivery routing. This will help us to match the right shipping company with our needs. Thank you.

Company: Slovim

Country: Estonia

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