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International Cargo shipping to Chile

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I want to ship a table so I have the need for information regarding international cargo shipping to Chile. I am sending this table from the United States. The table has 6 ft by 4 ft by 3 ft dimensions and weighs about 200 pounds unpackaged. Therefore, it is quite cumbersome which is why I must ship this through the freight channels.

I will also require your expertise on how to package this table for transit so it will arrive undamaged. If your company can at least provide the info and the packing materials on how to do this that would be great. Of course, if your company can package this that would be even better. So please include the level of packing service your company can provide.

Can you also include an approximate cost to me for shipping this table with your company? Would you be able to provide an approximate delivery date? The table is ready to be packed, so if you can arrange the packing and shipping of this within the next couple of weeks that will work out great. Thanks.

Country: Chile

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