International Cargo shipping to Belize from United Kingdom (UK)
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International Cargo shipping to Belize from United Kingdom (UK)

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Good day! My company is in need of international cargo shipping to Belize from the United Kingdom (UK). This shipment is scheduled to originate from our warehouse at London within the next three weeks. If possible, it should be delivered within one week. Is it possible for your company to complete this delivery schedule on time? If not, then what would be your estimated delivery date?

In addition to our scheduling request, please include with your informational email your current rate schedule. We do not require container services for this shipment. However, please advise as to your proposed best method for completing this shipment. The shipment consists of 20 cases of Gin. Therefore, experience in shipping alcoholic beverages is preferred.

We do package these products with adequate padding, but since this shipment includes products that are contained within glass containers, can your company provide assurance that you can deliver this shipment without damage? Please respond to our inquiry via our included email address as that will be the most efficient method for us. Thank you and we look forward to your replies.

Company: Harper Ltd

Country: Belize

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