Cargo shipping to Belarus from the United Kingdom (UK)
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Cargo shipping to Belarus from the United Kingdom (UK)

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My company is arranging a shipment for a local customer and we came here to request information about cargo shipping to Belarus from the United Kingdom (UK). If your company has information about this topic, please email me as soon as possible, as this shipment must be delivered promptly.

The shipment contains a load of toy dolls that will be gifts for some of the local children. Of course, everyone wants this shipment to arrive on time before the local holiday. Which is why there is a sense of urgency in having this shipment picked up and delivered quickly. Can your company deliver this shipment quickly? What are your fees for your shipping services?

We estimate there to be enough cargo to fill a 40ft semi-trailer. These dolls do not weigh very much, so that should not be a concern. When you send your information, please also include info on any taxes, fees, customs duties or other requirements as this will assist in our planning efforts. Thank you so much for responding to this inquiry.

Company: Shpping Service Ltd

Country: Belarus

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